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ZAIM’s opening ceremony was held on a grand scale in the whole building,
including annex, from the end of last April until the beginning of May.
All the participating artists and festival visitors felt the unlimited potential of ZAIM
and will surely be keeping track of what’s happening here in the future.
Now, at long last, the ZAIM project has begun.

What is the ZAIM project?
ZAIM is a project to accomplish, with the cooperation of all the people who gather and participate there, the following goals:

That the citizens of Yokohama take an interest in creative activities and can easily access art works of high creativity.
The formation of a network of civic groups and NPO’s that support creative activities and to increase their field of independent activity.
New friendships and collaborations between artists and creators giving birth to ground breaking and original projects that do not necessarily fit into any particular genre.
Artists and creators will use ZAIM as a stepping stone toward the world stage, and that ZAIMs various activities become a centripetal force and advance the accumulation of creative industries to enliven Yokohama City.

Why don’t you participate in the ZAIM project?
The ZAIM project is advanced by cooperating and putting into action the plans
that participants bring along.

So if you wish to participate in the project …  We are soliciting groups and organizations to use our offices and studios as a base for their activities. → We have already chose 25 organizations through a process of a juried application.

We are currently accepting application from individuals interested in planning an event or exhibition in any one of our galleries or open spaces.

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