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ZAIM proposes to realize Yokohama’s unique ‘city art’ potential

The ‘Former Kanto Finance Department’ and the ‘Former Bureau of Labor Standards’ buildings were put to use as a place of exchange and activity for civic supporters and artists during the period leading up to and right till the end of end the ‘International Triennale of Contemporary Art: YOKOHAMA 2005’ that was held at Yamashita Pier from Sept. 28th until Dec. 18th 2005.
It has been decided (as part of the ZAIM Project) that these two historically significant buildings, with great accessibility as they front the Naka-ku Nihon Odori main road, will be opened to the public.
Within Yokohama City, a city aiming to become an art and culture ‘creative city’, this area is set to become a ‘creative zone’ where many young artists and creators can gather. To make this possible we are providing a residency for artists to use as working studios.
Producing and sending out from Yokohama a new artistic value in various genre, not restricted to contemporary art, based on these reciprocal activities: ‘civic co-operation’ ‘creativity’ contemporariness’ and ‘historical buildings’.
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